Travel with Minors

To ensure the safety of children crossing border posts, specific documentation is necessary for minors during both entry and exit procedures.
Requirements for ALL minors (under 18) travelling with both parents include:
  • Valid passport of travelling child
  • Unabridged Birth Certificate (UBC) of the travelling child, which must identify both parents (can be certified copy)
Requirements for ALL minors (under 18) travelling with one parent or legal guardian include:
  • Valid passport of the travelling child
  • Unabridged Birth Certificate (UBC) of the travelling child (under 18), identifying parents.
  • Affidavit signed by parents named on the UBC and certified by a Commissioner of Oaths
  • IDs of Parents or Legal Guardian (Certified copies)
  • Death Certificate (of any deceased parent reflected on the UBC) (certified copy)
  • Legal guardians’ appointment letter or court order (where applicable) (Certified copy)
  • Border arrival AND departure form. Obtainable at border or download 
  • Visa or study-/residency permits for the minor. (NB. Only applicable to NON-RSA minors of countries requiring visa for Namibia.)

Please refer to the Passport section.

Unabridged Birth Certificate:

When traveling with children under 18, parents must carry either the original or a certified copy of the unabridged birth certificate in addition to valid passports. The Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration does not accept the abridged (short) birth certificate, which only contains the child’s particulars.

If the parents’ details are printed on the back of the child’s passport, this serves as the unabridged birth certificate in the ‘new’ format. This information should be found on the last page of the child’s passport. If not present, an application for the unabridged birth certificate is necessary. The unabridged birth certificate must include the child’s details as well as those of both parents.

If both parents’ details are listed on the UBC, both must provide consent (via Affidavit) for the child’s travel (in the case that neither of the parents is accompanying the child). However, if only one parent’s details are present, only that parent’s consent is required.

It may take up to 8 weeks to process an application for a UBC. For further details on applying for a UBC, please visit:

Alternatively, should you not receive the UBC in time you can request a letter from Home Affairs (on official letterhead and stamped) with both fathers’ and mothers’ details included. This letter should state that the application for the UBC has been submitted but not yet processed. This letter can be acquired only three weeks after the UBC application is submitted. It is important that this letter clearly states IN LIEU OF.


If a child travels with only one parent, the other parent must provide consent via an affidavit, duly endorsed by a Commissioner of Oaths. When adults accompany children whom they aren’t the biological or legal guardians of, they must carry an affidavit from the child’s parents granting permission for the travel.

The affidavit, not older than three months, should contain:

  • Signatures of both parents
  • Full names, addresses, phone numbers, and passport details of the child and both parents (as listed on the birth certificate)
  • Travel destinations of the parent and children
  • Certified copy of any absent parent’s passport.


Even if one parent has full custody due to divorce, the other parent must still sign an affidavit, unless a court order granting full custody to the custodial parent exists.

In cases where legal guardians differ from the parents listed on the unabridged birth certificate, court orders naming the legal guardian(s) are necessary.

If the name on a parent’s identity document differs from the one on the unabridged birth certificate, proof of surname change like a marriage certificate should be provided.

General information:
Certified copies of relevant documents such as unabridged birth certificates, identity documents, death certificates, court orders, and marriage certificates are acceptable, but the stamp date must be within three months of returning to your country. All copies should be on A4 paper without any cut blank paper.

Failure to produce valid documents may result in authorities preventing border crossing.

It is the responsibility of the client to obtain and comply with the most updated border regulations and to be in possession of the required documents, vaccinations and other medical certificates as may be required. Please be sure to contact the border to get the most updated and current regulations.

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 4-Day NY – Arrive the 27th of December

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* Under 18 R 4 950

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* Under 18 R 4 675

4-Day NY – Arrive the 31st of December

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* Under 18 R 4 675

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* Adults R 5 225
* Under 18 R 4 400

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* Under 18 R 5 500


4 DAYS | 5 NIGHTS FAMILY SPECIAL (specific dates)*

* Adults R 4 850
* Students (u/23) R 4 290
* Children (u/18) R 4 290
* Children (u/12) R 3 750

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