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Orange River Rafting in Southern Namibia

White Water River Rafting on the Richtersveld section of the Orange River is one of the best kept secrets of Southern Namibia. Rafting this route will be an experience that stays with you for the rest of your life. This is one of the best ways to spend real quality time with your friends and family.
We chose the Richtersveld section of the Orange River, for its sheer magnificent natural wealth. This gem lies nestled between South Africa and Namibia between the Richtersveld Mountains.

Where it all begins
Your rafting adventure begins at our base camp, a mere 10km from Noordoewer in Namibia. We have been operating from the same Bundi Camp for more than 25 years. The road to our camp is tarred with only a short gravel section of about 200m to our camp from the tarred road – all well maintained.  

Our Base Camp
The base camp is limited to 23 en-suite chalets, 5 campsites, ablution blocks, communal kitchen, lounge and a big recreational hall. Not to mention the big lawns where kids can play. We use the river to cool down on the hot summer days. Open-air safe parking is available for guests. Our rapids vary between grade 1 and grade 2 – so it is easy to moderate rapids. Smooth water to waves at certain areas. You have a clear and open passage between rocks and ledges. Some maneuvering is required at times, but all in all a very enjoyable experience for which you don’t require any previous experience.

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Rafting on the Best Section

The section of the river we raft on is ideal for the entire family from 6 years of age. Our section of the river is fed by dams higher up the stream, for agricultural development; they regularly release water which means we almost always have enough water for an unforgettable rafting trip.

Safe Area
The section we raft is malaria-free and the river water is free of bilharzia. We still recommend that you do not drink the water. There are no crocodiles, hippopotami or hyenas (as seen on Stroomop the 2018 South African produced movie) so there is no need to concern yourself regarding your safety in this regard.

Why you will have an amazing experience with us
As part of our rafting experience we offer all meals for your whole trip from the arrival evening to the departure morning. Our meals are expertly prepared by your guides and are delicious and wholesome. Special dietary requirements can be catered for provided prearranged communication.

Trip Highlights

Sleeping on the river banks under millions of stars, and enjoying our delicious cuisine, has only ever brought compliments. It is a relaxing, yet awesome adventure with a few challenging rapids … an amazing experience on a famous African River.

Our Orange River rafting trips offers a relaxing and educational journey through time and beauty, with a few rousing rapids along the way to bring you back to the present.

The Richtersveld National Park semi desert, through which the river runs, is one of the largest mountain deserts in the world.The proud, ever-constant magnificence of Africa is overwhelming as you reach this oasis between desert mountains. Over 50% of the plants here are endemic and support a wide variety of animal and insect life. The banks are lined with Willow and Ebony trees which provide shade and shelter to river rafting clients; forming an oasis green band of life through the orange splendour of this semi-desert.

But perhaps the most unique aspect of all is the ability to drift through two million years of earth time. The arid, mountainous landscape is composed of many varied rock types, which illustrate some of the major geological events which occurred in the Southern Hemisphere over the last two million years.

River Rafting Options

We offer different packages from  1 to 5 day trips on the river. Tailor-made trips to suit your needs can be easily arranged for as well. Fitness and paddling experience are not essential as full paddling instructions are given by our friendly guides.

Distances covered on each trip can vary; depending on each group’s paddling strength. Short, relaxed 3 day trips usually cover 45km, whilst longer trips range between 63 and 86 km. Each day we aim to cover around 15 km (river flow average about 4km/h), stopping regularly for refreshments, lunch and to share in the excitement of the Grade 1-2 rapids.

We at The River Rafters believe strongly in maintaining this unspoilt and delicate environment. We also believe in educating our clientele on environmental issues through a practical understanding of this magnificent and wonderful area. Come experience the wonder of Namibia and the Orange River with us.

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2024 Prices

These prices are valid for 2025, if you pay a deposit of R1000 per person before the 30th of November 2024.



* Adults R 1 650
* Students (u/23) R 1 375
* Children (u/18) R 1 100
* Children (u/12) R 825


* Adults R 2 340
* Students (u/23) R 2 200
* Children (u/18) R 2 065
* Children (u/12) R 1 790


* Adults R 4 675
* Students (u/23) R 4 400
* Children (u/18) R 4 125
* Children (u/12) R 3 575


* Adults R 4 950
* Students (u/23) R 4 705
* Children (u/18) R 4 400
* Children (u/12) R 3 850


* Adults R 5 225
* Students (u/23) R 4 950
* Children (u/18) R 4 705
* Children (u/12) R 4 125


* Adults R 5 500
* Students (u/23) R 5 225
* Children (u/18) R 4 950
* Children (u/12) R 4 400


 4-Day NY – Arrive the 27th of December

* Adults R 5 775
* Under 18 R 4 950

3-Day NY – Arrive the 28th of December

* Adults R 5 495
* Under 18 R 4 675

4-Day NY – Arrive the 31st of December

* Adults R 5 500
* Under 18 R 4 675

3-Day NY – Arrive the 31st of December

* Adults R 5 225
* Under 18 R 4 400

5-Day NY – Arrive the 27th of December

* Adults R 6 050
* Under 18 R 5 500


4 DAYS | 5 NIGHTS FAMILY SPECIAL (specific dates)*

* Adults R 4 850
* Students (u/23) R 4 290
* Children (u/18) R 4 290
* Children (u/12) R 3 750

4 DAYS | 5 NIGHTS STUDENT SPECIAL (Not Available Easter & NYB)*

* Students  R 4 290
* Additional day R 385 per day

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