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We have a standing special with our Doring River rafting clients. Because the river being so addictive and a lot our rafters want to bring their friends, we have the following special.

VALID per Doring River season only, RENEW every year!

Pay the full price the 1st time.

Then you raft the 2nd time, pay half price!

And the rest of the season you can raft for FREE!!

Please note that this special is only valid per season, hence you cannot transfer your credits to the next year!

Group Specials
Book 14 people and only pay for 13 (1 free)
Book 24 people and only pay for 22 (2 free)
Book 31 people and only pay for 28 (3 free)
Book 36 people and only pay for 32 (4 free)
People FREE calculated on paying customers only